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Moving Into Summer: GBBD, June 2017

June 16, 2017

entrance garden JuneThis is one of my favorite seasons in the garden, the beginning of the big flush of early summer blooms. Each morning I step out into the garden eager to see which plants have opened their first flowers. The flower beds around the front entrance, now in their second year, are looking remarkably mature. The Blues Border features electric blues of species Siberian irises and Tradescantia ‘Zwannenburg Blue’ along with the soft blue stamens of Tradescantia ‘Osprey.’

Blues Border in June

raspberry regal flowersFlowers are just beginning to open in the two flower beds that flank the walkway to the patio (photo at top). The big show here is being provided by  the floral spires of Heuchera ‘Raspberry Regal,’ a hummingbird magnet.

The June garden features pastel hues – blues and pinks and lavenders, with chartreuse accents provided by flowers of  Alchemilla mollis (Lady’s mantle).

The newest flower beds, the Side Slope and the Fragrant Garden, are in their first year with small plants and relatively few blooms. However, the Side Slope display currently includes Rosa ‘Therese Bugnet,’ the pale blue flowers of Amsonia tabernaemontana, and clear pink blooms on Geranium x oxonianum. The fragrant garden has several varieties of Dianthus blooming along its front edge.

side slope june blooms fragrant garden dianthus

When that somewhat scrawny Amsonia grows up, it will look like the one below blooming in the Blue and Yellow Border, where it is accompanied by stronger blues of Tradescantia virginiana, Iris sibirica, and the true blue of Linum perenne.

amsonia grown up linum perenne 2017
deck border biokovo

Across the walkway in the Deck Border, hints of pink are provided by the flowers of Geranium x cantabrigiense Biokovo.

In both the Fence Border and the Circular Bed, ‘Biokovo’ grows together with its stronger-hued sibling, Geranium x cantabrigiense  ‘Karmina’ and with Alchemilla mollis. cantabrigiense and alchemilla

In the Fence Border, that pastel combination is accompanied by this lovely vignette of blue Tradescantia virginiana and pink Geranium endressii; in the Circular Bed, it is being upstaged by the display of Allium ‘Globemaster.’

blue and pink fence vignette 5 globemaster blooms

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is hosted on the 15th of each month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Visit her blog to see the bounty of blooms being enjoyed this month by garden bloggers in many places.

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  1. June 17, 2017 1:31 am

    It’s a beautiful time of year. My own garden has been terribly neglected this year for various reasons, but most of my plants seem to accept that I haven’t made time for them and they’re still putting in an effort to look wonderful between the weeds. (And even some of the weeds look rather glorious! I am now tempted to create an entire ground elder and wild chervil bed…)

    Best of all, though, cropping season is well and truly happening. I’ve harvested salad greens (mainly weeds, actually – again I love the ground elder and the chervil!) since March, but now I can start the process of preserving stuff for the coming winter, beginning with elderflower cordials. I might not have gotten around to making an actual kitchen garden this year, but some plants are generous enough to provide me with a harvest without me looking after them. Perhaps hardy perennial crops is the way I need to go in terms of vegetable/fruit gardening?

    • June 22, 2017 9:37 pm

      Soren, Late June is my favorite time of the year in Maine. I don’t systematically grow food in my garden (except for a few herbs to use in cooking), happy to buy from local farmers at their farmstands and at the weekly farmers’ market, but I do love to forage wild food growing on my property. Right now, the wild strawberries are ripening.

  2. June 17, 2017 2:47 pm

    There’s a lot to love there, Jean. My favorites are the blue blooms. Your Linium made me wonder what happened to mine – it self-seeded and bloomed during the height of our drought but now, after our wonderful winter rain, it’s a no-show. Your Geranium ‘Biokovo’ stirs envy too – it was very happy in my former garden but has been a struggle to get established in my current one.

    Happy GBBD!

    • June 22, 2017 9:40 pm

      Kris, I love the blue blooms of the June garden, which are especially intensely blue on our cool June mornings. Linum barely hangs on in my garden, producing a few flowers each year, but never making much of a show. Geranium ‘Biokovo’, on the other hand, finds my conditions so much to its liking that I sometimes worry that it has ambitions for world domination.

  3. June 19, 2017 6:25 pm

    I have a Linum africanum. Yellow flowers – which I am waiting to see. It is a new plant recommended to me by a favourite nursery for dappled shade.

    • June 22, 2017 9:41 pm

      I’ll be eager to see your yellow linum flowers. I have very few yellows in my garden at this time of year, but they will come on strong in July.

  4. June 21, 2017 2:07 pm

    Just beautiful! The tradescantia is lovely, particularly the white variety with the hint of purple — and the allium! You’ve done a phenomenal job.

    • June 22, 2017 9:44 pm

      Kevin, ‘Osprey’ is my favorite of the Tradescantia varieties in my garden; happily, many of my self-sown seedlings come up in these colors.

  5. debsgarden permalink
    June 25, 2017 9:44 pm

    Hi Jean, your gorgeous garden has certainly matured a lot since the renovation! It must be so gratifying to see your hard work produce such lovely results. I love all the blues. And the allium! Sadly, allium does not do well in my area, which is a disappointment since wild onions go crazy here.

    • June 29, 2017 7:45 pm

      Deb, I am amazed at how mature the flower beds I created two years ago are looking. My Allium ‘Globemaster’ petered out a few years ago, so I planted 3 new bulbs, which have been putting on a great display. Of course, the fact that I have more flowers than bulbs this year, means that they are starting to divide, which will probably mean smaller and/or fewer flowers next year.

  6. July 5, 2017 9:31 pm

    Oh wow, your garden is now full of colors. I am so biased to blues and violets as they are seldom seen in our hot tropics.

  7. July 6, 2017 11:39 am

    Your garden looks marvelous with all the June blooms – especially the Alliums, Spiderwort, and Roses. Blue flowers are my second favorite, after orange.

  8. August 15, 2017 8:07 pm

    Jean, You have quite a talent for garden design. I love this kind of lush, but controlled look.

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