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The Season of Indoor Blooms: GBBD, December 2015

December 16, 2015

indoor garden DecemberA month ago, in mid-November, I was amazed to still have flowers blooming in my garden. One  month later, although our weather continues to be unseasonably mild in this El Nino year, the outdoor garden season is truly over and I have turned my attention to the winter garden of indoor blooms.

red cyclamen DecemberMy potted amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulbs have not yet sent up any flowers; they are always reluctant to bloom in my cool Maine house. My Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera) has a few last fading flowers. But the real show in my December “garden” is the cool-loving Cyclamen plants. I have three of these, and all are currently blooming. The one that flowers in this wonderful scarlet color graces my bedroom. In the living room plant window, I have pink and white cyclamen plants blooming profusely. I love the way that the low angle of the winter sun makes their flowers glow.

pink cyclamen December white cyclamen december

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is hosted on the 15th of each month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Visit her blog to see what other gardeners have blooming in December.

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  1. December 16, 2015 11:50 pm

    I love your Cyclamen, they are such a joy in winter. Yours look almost like candles in the light.

    • December 17, 2015 8:32 pm

      Gerrie, Thanks for that image. I thought of them as glowing from within, but the candle analogy works really well.

  2. December 17, 2015 12:28 am

    Love your cyclamen…Having indoor blooms during the winter is one of the real joys of gardening.

    • December 17, 2015 8:33 pm

      Charlie, Indoor blooms are essential here where winter is the longest season (lasting usually from November-April).

  3. December 17, 2015 10:03 am

    I don’t need flowers in winter, but I do like something green… (And for Christmas I tend to buy some red tulips or similar, just to brighten things up and reduce the need for artificial decorations.)

    Then comes January and I go out and buy hyacinths! Often too many, so I need to air out my home every other hour to get rid of the very heady sent, lest the place smell like a brothel.

    • December 17, 2015 8:35 pm

      Soren, My house is surrounded by woods with many evergreen trees (mostly pines and hemlocks), so I see plenty of green in winter. But I do come to crave colors other than green, white and gray. I usually bring home a potted hyacinth in early March when I am getting tired of winter but there’s still another month of it to go.

      • December 19, 2015 1:37 pm

        Actually, I think this January I should be buying muscaris rather than hyacinths; they smell less and do better when planted out in the garden… After all, there’s no point in buying something that can’t be planted out…

  4. December 17, 2015 8:16 pm

    You’ve captured the beauty of the cyclamen well, Jean. Have you got snow yet? My step-sister, who also lives in Maine, told me they’ve seen no snow yet at all, which was quite a surprise after last year’s polar blast. El Nino has yet to deliver any rain here but we had an unusual cold snap (cold by our standards anyway).

    • December 17, 2015 8:38 pm

      Kris, Northern Maine got snow yesterday, but the southern half of the state has not seen any significant snow yet (just a dusting one day). El Nino years tend to be warmer and drier than average here, with the polar vortex staying closer to the north pole and with a winter storm track that usually takes storms out to sea to our south. After last winter, no one seems to be complaining much about the lack of snow this year!

  5. December 18, 2015 11:49 am

    The cyclamen is beautiful — and the sunny window has rewarded you with spectacular colors. Speaking of El Nino, zone 10 is experiencing warm temps in the mid to upper 80s — about 10 degrees warmer than usual. A cold front is expected to cool things down to 80 degrees, and the forecasters have said the Sunshine State will have a wet winter. No snow, though. 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas, Jean!

    • December 21, 2015 9:59 pm

      We had temperatures in the thirties and a few snow flurries blowing around on Saturday. Nothing that stuck to the ground, but it looked and felt more like December. Now they’re predicting record high temperatures for Christmas eve. A very strange weather year.

  6. December 19, 2015 6:19 pm

    You remind me again I need to get some indoor cyclamen. I just pulled my amaryllis out of the closet and watered them. We shall see if they grow. Paperwhites need to be potted too. I am toying with the idea of planting some cool weather veggies and seeing what transpires now that the forecast is for this weather to continue all winter.

    • December 21, 2015 10:01 pm

      Donna, I see a flower bud on one of my potted amaryllis bulbs. The others just have leaves so far. Many farmers in Maine grow veggies in hoop houses throughout the winter. There were lots of greens to be had at the farmers’ market last weekend.

  7. December 25, 2015 3:16 pm

    Lovely. You’re inspiring me to think about growing Cyclamen indoors.

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